China Internship Experience in Sport Business Management

[h2a]Jonathon Grayson[/h2a]

  • Internship Duration: 6 weeks
  • UniversitySheffield Hallam University
  • Internship Program: China Internship in Shanghai
  • Industry sectorSport Business Management
  • Key assignments: Assisting the management team with administration and handling of inquiries for programs. Organising, co-coordinating and assisting in running programs of football league matches. Assist in the sourcing of suitable marketplace projects from other sources locally or outside the country. Help maintain our other social and business networks online and in person at relevant networking events. To deal diplomatically with a wide variety of people, to communicate with people whose first language is not English, to receive and give information efficiently, and to keep records of conversations. To promote and help with sponsorship and sport marketing products for potential new customers.

My name is Jonathon, I am 19 years old currently in my second year at Sheffield Hallam University. I chose to be in the sports sector because it had a direct link with my course; sport business management. I wanted to gain first-hand experience in my chosen field as I have always had a passion for sports and business and what better way to gain this experience by choosing a sports internship correlating to my specific area.

What do you do in Shanghai?

In shanghai, I work for a sport company. They are a small company which have many different segments. I work for the arena  4 days a week and also work at head office within the area of marketing and sales for sportswear brands every Friday. My job role at the arena is to promote programmes and assist in the operations ran at the arena for league events  for netball (Monday nights), cricket (Wednesday nights) and Football (Thursday nights) as well as facilitate the arena and other daily tasks. My daily tasks at the arena is to market social media we have running here for league events, kids parties and corporate events hosted in the arena.

Why did you choose China?

I chose China because I saw it as an open market for new opportunities as researched before I came to Shanghai, China is the fastest-growing economy in the world. Another reason I chose China with in question Shanghai was through word of mouth. My brother had recently been here 4 years ago and he said he ‘loved everything about the city’. My choice stands by him and his personal feedback and I could not say no when the opportunity was given to me to pick an internship in China. I thought I would pick shanghai because of what he has said about this place and it did not prove to be the wrong choice!

My advice/recommendations to student/fresh graduates/future interns…

My advice to sports/business students who come from a very small city whether in England or wherever, come to Shanghai and see what it’s like to be in the most populated country in the China with over 23 million people living here. If you’re into the big city life then your next step to experiencing a real enormous wonderful city should be Shanghai. If you’ve ever been to the London underground you’ll know what it’s like. However, the subways in shanghai totally beats the British underground. The advancement in technology in Shanghai is incredible to see and feel. The bright light at the Bund makes you think time stands still. You’ll think wow this is place is a hologram and does not look real at all. That was my first opinion when I saw the lights, camera, ACTION!  It is really amazing to see the lights lit up at night reminding me of a being a little boy when the Christmas lights are fully lit; ‘imagine that x 1000 in a gigantic city! That’s what you’ll be hit with once you land in Shanghai. Keep calm and carry on!

One final thing to say: ‘Works good, lifes good, night life good’ and the girls are incredible in Shanghai.

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