Shanghai Outings: Shanghai Huangpu River

The Huangpu river divides the city into two regions: Pudong to its east andPuxi to the West. It is a golden gateway of foreign trade as well as an important waterway to the Pacific Ocean from the new Pudong district. The Huangpu River is not only the mother river of Shanghai, but it also a major part the splendid attractions of the city.

The Huangpu River cruise has been a traditional and popular tourist attraction. Go for a cruise on a boat along the Huangpu river, you will take a glimpse of Yangpu bridge, Nanpu bridge and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is the tallest TV tower in Asia and the third highest in the world.

Puxi and Pudong!

These buildings form a beautiful picturesque skyline of Shanghai. Beyond that you will see various historic architectural buildings on the West bank of Huangpu River, strikingly opposite to various modern skyscrapers on the East bank. Another way to cross the river is the underwater traffic tunnel. Many lines of the Shanghai Metro cross underneath the river and one of them is the famous Bund Tunnel. Although you cannot see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower or one of the famous bridges, you can enjoy the indescribable feeling of being in a train underwater.

Some facts of the Huangpu River

  • It is the largest river in Shanghai.
  • It is around113 kilometers long.
  • It is an average of 400 meters wide and 9 meters deep.
  • It is the last significant tributary of the Yangtze before it empties into the East China Sea.
Yuangpu and Nanpu bridges
The Yangpu and Nanpu bridges are 7,658 and 8,346 meters long

Yangpu and Nanpu bridge

Both bridges are the longest rope bridges in the world, with a total length of 8354 meters, it is definitely worth the visit!  The cable-stayed bridges were designed by the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction College and Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute, with assistance from Holger S. Svensson. It is possible to go up on the bridges in an elevator and enjoy a walk with an excellent view of the Huangpu River. It may even be faster to cross by walking, as all the cars are stuck in peak traffic on these popular bridges.

The Nanpu bridge has a span of 428 meters it is shorter than its sister bridge (Yuangpu), which has a span of 602 meters and it was opened to the public in 1991.
The Yuangpu Bridge carries the Inner Ring Road from the Yangpu District in Puxi to the Pudong New Area. It was completed in September 1993 and opened in October.

Some facts of the Bridges

Yuanpu Bridge Nanpu Bridge
total length of 8,354 meters
longest span 602 mesters
opened: 1993
total length of 760 meters
Longest span 423 meters
opened: 1991


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