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Shanghai Nightlife Guide 2015


Discover a selection of Shanghai best clubs and bars in 2015 and what’s happening in the city that never sleeps. At night when people come out, Shanghai clubs and bars are its heartbeat, positively pulsating with energy and excitement. From the seediest watering holes to sophisticated lounge bars, Shanghai keeps the momentum going well into the night with some of the trendiest, most happening nightspots in Asia. Once you have experienced it yourself, you will come to understand why Shanghai is dubbed the city with the most colorful nightlife in China. Hope you’ll enjoy this Shanghai Nightlife Guide 2015!


Nightclub Promotion Experience: A new phenomenon

To attract new clients and give a “international touch”, club’s directors are now hiring promoters which goals are to establish relationships with potential guests & communicate the selling points of the Shanghai Party Life. The concept is pretty simple with free entrance, table, sofa and drinks to attract new people: With Foreigners and  free alcohol, the show is ensured! An example here of a promoter job ad that are flourishing in Shanghai local job market.

So, if you are new in Shanghai, looking for  good deals and would like to control your night expenses, it might be a good idea to look for a promoter 🙂


Shanghai Nightlife Guide 2015 Resources

  • SmartShanghai’s Essential Guide to Nightlife & Clubbing in Shanghai
  • City Weekend’s best bars & nightclubs, reviewed by local experts


Shanghai bars and nightclubs industry

It’s also interesting to note the high turnover in Shanghai bars and nightclubs industry. As you can see in this article we posted back in 2013, a lot of venues, considered as “a must” at that time, already shut down 2 years later. There are several reasons to explain this phenomenon such as fierce competition, high number of venues, increase in rental space & the fact that customers are getting bored pretty easily here and are looking for new experiences.


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