Shanghai Outings: Thousand Island Lake (Qian Dao Hu)

Thousand-island Lake is situated in the Chunan County of Zhengjiang Province. The lake is called Thousand-island Lake, because there are 1078 islands in total in the lake. This is the hometown of Sun Quan, the King of Wu, during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-265 BC). Another town here, Fuyang Longmen ancient town is the place where Sun Quan’s descendants have continually gathered until the present day. It is reported recently the descendants of Liubei, the king of Shu during Three Kingdoms Period were also found in Fuyang. Now the descendants of Sunquan, Liubei, and Zhugeliang all gathered in Fuyang. Qiandao Hu is not only a place of scenic beauty but also of historic interest.

In summer, visitors can navigate on a boat on the pure green lake. This is a lake which possessing great wealth. His numerous islands teems with tea, mulberry, timber, and bamboo. There are 1,786 species of plants and 87 species of freshwater fish in all. Qian Dao Hu is embraced all around by mountain ranges. Here, visitors can appreciate birds singing, smell the fragrance of flowers, and taste fresh fruit when it is in season. Besides, there are various kinds of local products, such as non-core persimmon, sweet date, hickory nut, and sun-dried fish.

What to visit

Plant Blossom Mountain

Set in the middle of the lake ; this is the best part of QianDao Hu, named after five conjoined mountains. It resembles a plant blossom and gains fame for its beautiful natural scenery and perfect environment. The sightseeing platform in the section is by far the best place to view the surrounding area. The other one is Ostrich Island. On this Island visitors can feed ostrich, take photos with them or even ride on their backs.

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