Career Building

We provide a personalized Internship Learning Experience, Resume & Personal Branding review, Career Assessment, Interview Preparation, mentoring and executive events to network with leaders.

Personalized Internship Learning Experience

Career Building with Next Step in Asia

From cool startup internship projects, to Industry internship at growing SME’s to structured internship programs at large MNC’s, NSC design a unique internship learning experience in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Bali, Surabaya, Singapore, Bangkok) and abroad (Spain, Australia, USA, Kenya, Chile) fitting your personality, experience and goals to ensure career building success.

Resume and Personal Branding Review

We will help you reflect on your past experiences, values, skills and personality to showcase yourself to potential internship hosts and future employers using traditional mediums (resumes, cover letters) and innovative social medial platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, SocialC) to ensure you rise and shine.

Career Assessment

You will go through a prep program career-based assessment to get to know yourself better to ensure you start the right career. You will understand better your strengths, interests, EI, values, personality and motivations and have new fresh insights.

NSC Mentoring

As part of the program, you will be mentored by one of our professional to help you navigate the transition between the student world to the professional world. We are here for you.

Executive Events Participation 

We organise a monthly executive event as part of our internship program in Asia. All our participants are invited to participate in this monthly event free of charge. A typical executive event enable you to develop professional etiquette, build professional connections, learn insights and real life stories from professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors such as:

  • Roundtable with Social Entrepreneur
  • Fireside Chat with Veteran Investor
  • Business Networking Event
  • Multinational Company Visit
  • Startup Incubator Visit etc.
  • Private Dinner with a Company Executive

View more event pictures in our Photo Gallery

View more event pictures in our Photo Gallery