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Jerome Le Carrou
Founder & Director at NEXSTEP

The COVID-19 pandemic is a defining moment in our lifetime. As the situation continues to evolve daily, creating concern but requiring calm and resilience as we do our best to make sensible informed decisions towards the health & wellbeing of our communities.

In this climate of uncertainty, we are reminded of how vulnerable life is. We all must make a conscious effort to care for and protect each other by following simple rules of social distancing and attention to hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus and bring this terrible event to a close as soon as possible.

NEXSTEP lives and breathes international experience and the benefits that arise from cross-cultural knowledge and understanding, and we recognize how this event ended so many opportunities and dreams by eliminating your plans to develop internationally.

We created Virtual Internships in 2016 to help you grow during the downturn and travel bans, allowing you to still continue your personal and professional development, connect with others, promote progress as well as improve global connectivity and a general sense of community. We are as dedicated as ever to helping you reach your full potential.

As we all navigate these uncharted waters together, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and for placing your trust and confidence in NEXSTEP. It is in you, our community that we witness the power and the ability of experiential learning to transform humanity and bring the world closer together.

We have been and will always be here to help you reach your next step.

Stay safe,


US$500 OFF

Early Enrollment Offer

Receive a $ 500 early enrollment discount by booking a program today, including our International Internship, Semester in Thailand, Summer in Singapore. All you need to is apply and pay your $ 400 application fee and you automatically receive the discount of US$500.(Only available on regular programs between September 2020 and September 2021)


Virtual Internship (2020) + Physical Internship (2021)

Work online with your company, establishing a connection with your team and work on real projects in 2020 and Travel abroad to work for your company abroad taking your internship to the next level in 2021.


Would you like to do an internship in your current country of residence ? We can make it happen!

Just because you can't travel doesn't mean you can't improve your opportunity by developing professional skills and valuable work experience. A local internship is a great way to improve your employability and CV during this time.


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