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How To Rock Your Resume!

How to rock your resume!

So you've finished days of reading, hours of studying and pages of term papers and now are realizing that your resume, well, sucks ass.  It still includes that lemonade stand that you made ten bucks with when you were nine.  You also notice…

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What Not To Do When Applying For An Internship

What not to do when applying for an internship

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is this how you are applying for an internship

Is this how your applying for an internship?

This is a picture I took of one of the offices on the floor above us.  It’s a bunch of name cards, brochures, lunch menus and other marketing materials people have just tossed inside as their “effort” to try and get their sales up.   We probably get at least one of these tossed in our office every week, a guy who doesn’t want to get rejected in person, tosses a card between the cracks of our front doors hoping that we’ll pick it up and become that million dollar customer.  If I happen to see the materials lying on the ground on my way in or out, I usually just toss them into the trash.  My other colleagues, I’m not sure about.  At least they have a slight chance of being seen by someone.  As you can see from the picture, the office above us has been closed, at least since we set up shop in our current location over 2 years ago.  For me, it was the fact that there were no desks, no chairs, nothing other than other scraps of paper on the floor that gave it away. So why in the world would anyone throw their name card into that office and expect anything?
Exactly the same question I want to ask some of the students who are applying for an internship with us by randomly sending their resume to me by email.  Here’s one I got a few weeks back that made me think about creating this post.

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What Career Is Right For Me?

What career is right for me?

What career is right for me?

It’s the million dollar question…..Literally, choosing the right career could lead to a successful path towards job happiness and great financial life time returns. Stepping into the wrong industry on the other hand, could lead to an unsatisfying and reward-less future.  With a little planning, you could be learning about the different industries and finding a right match before you graduate from school.

So, what career is right for me?
I work with hundreds of university students and recent graduates who ask this all the time.  And I’d say it’s probably one of the most important questions that they should be tackling while they are still in school.  We all know that once we graduate, it’s off to work we go, and we’re going to be spending a huge chunk of our time working, all to get that cheddar. With so many things to consider including financial factors, the thousands of different types of areas, family and peer pressure, it usually ends up becoming that huge burden that we avoid until the last moment.

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