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Your dedicated team at NEXSTEP

NEXSTEP is led by a team of dedicated global education professionals from France, United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, South Korea Thailand and Japan. We are united by shared values and a strong passion to innovate and advance the experiential learning or ‘beyond classroom’ education sector. Since 2008, our team has engaged, equipped and empowered students and professionals from all over the world to reach their full potential through transformational experiences.

Jérôme Le Carrou

Founder and Executive Director


Jerome is the founding member of the Next Step Connections team in 2008 at the age of 25 after a transformative experience as an intern in Shanghai. He has been running the organization in Asia since then. Jerome is a passionate Experiential Education entrepreneur, public speaker, yoga practitioner. He has spoken at various international education conferences including NAFSA, APAIE, GIC. 

Jerome was featured in Harvard Graduate Monika Lutz’s book ‘Now What’ and led Next Step Connections to be nominated top five most innovative organization in 2017 by goabroad.com in Los Angeles.

Jerome is a member of the Steering Committee of the French Tech Thailand piloted by the French Government. He has run training sessions for the Northern Thai Government in Chiang Mai on ‘Vision, Community and The Future of Work’. He is also a board member of the Sustainability Committee at the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, organizing the Sustainability for Business Forum in Bangkok.

Jerome is also the Bangkok Facilitator for APM (apm.fr), the largest Leadership Development organization for French-speaking CEOs across the world with 8,200 members. Jerome facilitates a monthly session with the help of experts (Management, Personal Development, Future Technologies, Politics) for CEOs.

A native of France, Jerome received a B.A from the University of Rennes with a combined major in English Literature, Communications, and Chinese. Jerome studied abroad at Utah State University as part of the ISEP program. He is fluent in French, English, and Mandarin.

“My first real experience abroad was a two-week trip to Silicon Valley at 11 years old. it was also my first time sitting on a plane.”

Roderick Goh

Group CFO and Managing Partner China


Roderick is a Singapore national who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining the NSC team in 2015, Roderick worked in a number of countries in a diverse range of roles. His past work experience includes stints as a Business Development Manager at Sweden’s second-largest personal care retailer, an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at a boutique Investment Bank in New York, and a Marketing Coordinator at a Pharmaceutical company in Vietnam. Roderick also co-founded a social venture based in Hangzhou for the benefit of special needs children in China.

“My most rewarding experience was my search for the most suitable country in Emerging Asia to be based in. Unexpectedly, what started off as a search for the most suitable country turned out to be a rich journey of personal growth and discovery.”

Aaron J. Clark

Regional Director, Asian programs & Managing Director, Thailand

An international education professional with a career spanning 15 years abroad designing and managing academic experiential learning programs for three of the world’s premier international education organizations has prepared Aaron (affectionately referred to as P.A by students) for his role as NEXSTEP’s Regional Director in Asia.

A native of the USA, Aaron received a B.A from the University of Hawaii Manoa in Asian Studies, specializing in Southeast Asian Studies. I spent over 4 years abroad at Mahidol University, in Thailand during both his undergraduate and graduate studies. This firsthand experience offers insight and understanding of the student experience, the process, challenges and benefits of studied abroad, especially Thailand.

He is passionate about international education and immersing students in the local culture.. One of his favorite tools for immersion is developing mutually beneficial volunteering opportunities that make a difference in the host community as well as the life of NEXSTEP students.

Asking him what the most gratifying part of his career has been he said it is the opportunity to develop experiential learning programs that promote in others the same love and appreciation for Asia, that he feels in his own heart.

Jacky Mo

Associate Director – Hong Kong


Jacky is the Associate Director of Next Step Connections team, an experiential learning provider that brings enterprises, educators, and students together to develop confident individuals and leaders since 2008.

Next Step Connections provides students and fresh graduates with a range of experiential learning programs including internships, study tours, virtual projects, employability, and short courses on the economy of the future. The company has engaged with 2000+ students and 200+ enterprises.

Studying overseas alone since he was 10 years old, Jacky has developed important problem solving, leadership, social skills, and independence at an early age. This experience forced him to discover strengths, build connections, experience teamwork, and critical thinking skills that help him to become who he is. Jacky graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the U.S.A.

Jacky is the University of Illinois representative for the Hong Kong Big Ten Network, a group formed by Hong Kong alumni of Big Ten schools from the United States. Serving as a platform for alumni to network and meet like-minded individuals, the group has been organizing volunteering, sports, and social events since 2010.

Specializing in student engagement, CV writing, and interview preparation, he has coached many students in personal and career development and placed them into reputable Hong Kong companies for over 4 years. He will condense his years of learning and deliver it to participants into the Bootcamp. Jacky has led multiple workshop sessions for universities in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Open University of Hong Kong, and Lingnan University

Abha Jaiswal

India Resident Director 

Abha is an experienced learning specialist skilled in managing the complete learning cycle including identifying learning needs, planning and executing experiential programs, identifying and managing learning partners, managing budget. She is also a skilled student mentor and advisor. 

Ken Ikeo

Japan Resident Director 

Ken Ikeo is an ambitious entrepreneur investing in human capital through a partnership with industry leaders and educational institutions. His current initiatives are 1) to promote strategic collaboration between the industry and universities to incubate innovative services and products, 2) to launch a higher degree program dedicated to a particular subject (e.g. Hospitality MBA for Kyoto University / Global Executive Program for New York University).
He has started his career in hotel operations. After receiving a Master’s degree in hospitality finance from New York University, he took a lead to build a hospitality investment platform at Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group.

Florensia Wiyono Daryanto

Associate Director – Indonesia

Florensia joined NSC in 2012 as Shanghai Program advisor and Assistant Program Manager at NSC. She is now directing our Indonesia Office. Prior to NSC, she has worked in education, consulting, retail, and marketing. She graduated as an International Business Management major and has spent many years in Indonesia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and China. She is fluent in Indonesian, English, and Chinese. Outside of work, Florensia enjoys traveling, playing badminton, and living in a multicultural environment.

“Seawalker – helmet diving at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was one of my best experiences abroad!”