Online Internships
Increase Graduate Employability Success Rate

NEXSTEP has pioneered Online Internships since 2017.

What is an Online Virtual Internship?

A Virtual Internship provides students the opportunity to gain on-the-job training in professional settings without having to work on-site. Instead, internship hours are completed virtually. It is a real remote project learning experience open all-year round for undergraduate and graduate students to work on a project remotely with the supervision of a NEXSTEP mentor and weekly meetings with the project host leader. The duration of the experience will be between 6 and 16 weeks. There will be a pre-departure online meeting and a paper is due at the end of the project.

Why Online Internships?

Both place-based and online internship experiences allow students to obtain professional work experience in their chosen fields while applying skills and knowledge learned in other courses taken within their educational program. But virtual interns reap additional, unique rewards. They enjoy flexibility in fitting the internship experience into their busy personal and professional lives, since work can often be completed evenings and on weekends. They have the opportunity to learn from experts in their field regardless of their geographic location. They strengthen their information and computer skills as they employ technology to communicate with their site supervisor and conduct their work.

“The Experience gives you access to unbelievable opportunities. You can work with people who are far above your level, you’re challenged with incredible learning experiences, and you discover the work that’s meaningful and intrinsically rewarding.”


1. To complete a real global project assignment in collaboration with industry experts and mentors.
2. To be future-proof using collaborative and communication tools
3. To develop future high demand skills such as digital business skills (ability to work virtually, digital design), agile thinking (innovation), interpersonal and communication (co-creativity and brainstorming, virtual teaming, collaboration) and global operating skills (understanding local markets, cultural sensitivity) enabling better employability

Student Learning objectives

– Prepare for future working environment
– Apply classroom theory
– Skills development
– Personal and professional growth
– Enhance employability & sense of entrepreneurship
– Connect with like-minded University students and professionals

Sample Online Internships
  • Content Marketing: Launching or analyzing content marketing strategies
  • Social Media: Building a new social media channel to managing existing channels
  • Business Development: design a new sales approach/ value proposition
  • Data Analytics: Create powerful visuals out of hard data
  • Field Research: Conduct market research for launch of new product or services

NEXSTEP has developed a proprietary in-house curriculum to allow a successful collaboration fitting academic learning objectives.

Getting started:
  • Projects are only open to students enrolled at partners Universities.
  •  We will respond to your inquiry to understand your needs and requirements
  • Membership and contracts are agreed and signed
  • Students will have access to our application and sign up system, including submitting their resumes and choosing their industry
  • NEXSTEP will assess each applicant’s suitability for selected projects and arrange virtual interviews between student and Project Leaders
  • Once placement is confirmed, students will begin their Projects under the mentorship of both the Project Company Mentor and NEXSTEP Mentor to ensure project and learning objectives are met
  • Once Projects are completed, NEXSTEP will provide an outcome report to the University
  • University Support: University partners receive dedicated attention to ensure curriculum requirements are met
  • NEXSTEP will provide weekly updates on Projects progress and be available to answer any problem throughout the process. NEXSTEP will be the core communicator between students, university and company.
  • Student Support: Once Students sign up, NEXSTEP staff will coordinate with students to confirm a placement. Every Project will have a dedicated NEXSTEP mentor. NEXSTEP Mentors will monitor the progress of the Project, answer questions, and help students grow throughout their Projects.
University Support

University partners received dedicated attention to ensure curriculum are met. NEXSTEP will provide weeks updated on Projects progress and available to answer any issues throughout the process. NEXSTEP will be monitoring the communication between students, university and company to ensure a smooth process.

Students Support

Once students sign up, NEXSTEP will coordinate with students to confirm placement. Every Project will have a dedicated NEXSTEP mentor, to monitor the process, answer questions and help students grow throughout their  Projects.

To become a university partner, please contact us at

Next Step Connections have partnered with startups and SME’s across Asia to offer virtual internship projects to students from your institution. Students will work remotely on mini-projects for 6-12 weeks with weekly interactions with a mentor from their host companies to achieve meaningful deliverables and learning outcomes. Each project is unique and will expose the intern to critical professional skills vital to their entrance into the workforce. We welcome universities from all locations to participate in our virtual internship projects marking a milestone in leveling the playing field for young talents regardless of economic capabilities. Combining the experience of a real internship with innovative virtual collaboration tools, the virtual internship projects is opening a new door for professional training.

“Virtual Internship will allow university students to sign up for mini project-based internships across Asia and work remotely from their home. These projects will bring the world closer and allow collaboration between universities, companies and students at a fraction of the cost. We at NSC are proud to be the pioneers of VI Projects.”

-Jerome Le Carrou, Founder and CEO