Shanghai Outings: Hangzhou

Visit Hangzhou near ShanghaiHangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and it is the political, economic and cultural center. With enchanting natural beauty and abundant cultural heritages, the city is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and one of China’s most important tourist venues. There is a majestic lack in the heart of the city, surrounded of green hills and many gardens. Moreover, Hangzhou is famous to be a cultural and religious center with many temples within the city.

How to get there

It’s easier to go to Hangzhou by train. There are a lot of departures (every ten minutes).

  • From Hangpiao railway station (Line 2) tickets cost generally 60 RMB, the duration is 1h20 approximately.
  • From Shanghai south Railway station (Line 1) tickets cost 30 RMB, the duration is 2h20 approximately.

Places to visit in Hangzhou

Xihu Lack
Nanshan lu
Xihu, “the west lack “is the most famous attraction in Hangzhou. This place is a great area to revitalize yourself. The lack has a surface of 5.6km2. It’s possible to rent small boat to explore this area and immerse yourself in serenity of this lack.

Artificial Lake of Santan
You can take a small boat for 6 people, it’s 160 RMB for one hour, and you will travel around three islands. (Ruangondun Island, Pavilion Island and Xiaoying Island).

Phoenix Mosque. Fenghuang si.
227 Zhongshan lu – 227中山路店
It’s located on Fenghuang hilltop. It’s one of the most important Islamic places of worship in China. Is has this name because of its phoenix form.

Silk Museum – Zhongguo Sichou Bowuguan
73 Yuhuangshan lu – 玉皇路73号
Open everyday: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. The entrance is free.
The museum has several exhibition rooms, it give an insight about the silk culture.

Tea Museum – Zhongguo Chaye Bowuguan
18 Xihu Longjing Lu, Chaxiang – 18西湖井路,
Open everyday: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. The entrance is 10 RMB.
The museum shows tea culture in China. It’s one of the few of kind museum: we can discover the history, variety, and industry of the tea in China. There is an exhibition room of tea seat ancient and all traditions about tea. It’s an interesting museum to understand the tea culture. You can also buy some tea in the museum.

Yue Fei Temple – Yue Fei Miao
80 Beishan lu – 北山路80 号
Open everyday: 7.30 am to 6pm. The entrance is 25 RMB.

Lingyin Temple – Lingyin Si
15 Xishan Lu – 西山路15号
Open everyday: 7 am to 6pm. The entrance is 30 RMB; you have to add 35 RMB to access at the pagoda.
This temple is an important place of worship in this region.

Where to eat

1828 Bar&Grill
262, Nanshan Lu-262,南山路
Open from 6.30 pm to 2 am.

Kuiyuanguan Restaurant
154 Jiefang Lu. – 解放路154
One dish costs around 20 / 30 RMB. This restaurant is famous for noodles with shrimps and eel of the lack with some vegetables.

La Luna (Bar and Coffee)
185 Nanshan Lu, 185南山路
Open everyday: From 9.30 am to 1.30 am. It’s a coffee with terrace. There is a snack with sandwiches, salad, steaks (30 / 60 RMB)

Xihu Balti Gu
2 Gushan Lu – 孤山路2号
This restaurant is within a traditional house in front of the lack, it’s also a teahouse. Moreover there is a KTV (karaoke). In generally one plate costs 80 RMB, we can savor several specialty of Wenzhou.

Where to have a drink

Friends Bar
103-12 Nanshan lu – 南山路103-12号
Nice area to have a drink. There is live music jazz show everyday.

Maya Bar
94 Baishaquan, shuguang lu . – 94 白沙泉曙光路
Open from 12 am to 2am.
This bar has a good notoriety in Hangzhou; you can savor burritos and drink a glass on the terrace. It’s really agreeable at summer time.

Night and Day Bar
240 Nanshan Lu – 南山路240号
Open from 10 am to 2 am.
It’s a good address for people who like the nightlife. Every evening there is a Latino music group on the bar.

Reggae Bar
87 Shuguang Lu -曙光路87号
It’s reggae ambiance; there are pictures of Bob Marley and Jamaican flags inside the bar.

  • Cocktails: 28 RMB
  • Snacks: Sandwich and hamburgers 40 RMB.
  • Beer: Carlsberg 22 RMB – Guinness 48 RMB – bottle (25 / 30 RMB)

Where to stay in Hangzhou

Many hotels in Hangzhou are located around the lake. You can find different categories of hotels for all budgets.

Hagzhou Mingtown International Youth Hostel
101-3 Nanshan LU  – 南山路101-3号
Tel: (0571) 8791 8948
Hostel located near the lake. Quiet and comfortable.
Price: Standard Room: 150RMB / Dormitory: 45RMB

Hangzhou Wushanyi International Youth Hostel
14 Siyi lu – 思忆路14号
Tel ( 0571) 8701 8790
Website :
@ :
This hostel is located next to the Wushan hill within an art gallery area. Staff is perfectly bilingual. The only inconvenient is that the rooms are little bit small nevertheless this hostel has a good price-quality ratio.
Price: Standard Room: 140RMB / Dormitory: 40-60RMB

Hanting Express
2 Luyang lu, Nanshan lu  – 庐阳区2路,南山路
Tel (0571) 2802 8222
@: ybao@htinns.Com
Better choose rooms with sea view (nevertheless a little more expansive). This hotel is a good alternative for people who don’t want to stay in a hostel.
Price: Price from 240 RMB

The New Hotel – Hangzhou Xin Xin Fandian
58 Beishan Lu – 北山路58号
Tel : ( 0571 ) 8766 0000
This hotel is one of the old hotels in Hangzhou. It was building during in the mid 20th century. Which locates in Beishan road, the famous historical and cultural road in Hangzhou. It faces The West Lake and leans against The Baoshi Hill, enjoying elegant environment and convenient transportation.
Price: Double standards rooms from 600 RMB

Ramada Plaza
298 Qingchun lu – 春路298
Tel: (0571) 8721 5888
@ :
This hotel has been renovated one year ago and it’s located next to the lake and there are a lot of fashion shops around this hotel.
Price: Double standards rooms from 668 RMB


Hangzhou Tea Market
18-20 Nanban Xiang, Jiefang Lu
This market is the paradise for tea amateur.

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