Wellbeing Abroad

As part of the wellbeing Singapore package, We pre-arrange housing, airport transfers, sim card, transportation card, health insurance, immigration visa guidance, and 24/7 emergency support abroad to enable you to adapt quickly and smoothly to your new environment. We want you to focus on the most important: growing and learning.

Housing in Singapore

With the high cost of living in Singapore, we look to house you in a conveniently located hostel to keep your program costs down. You should expect a small living space, single or double bedded rooms, but clean and cosy rooms that will provide a good place for you to sleep in and energized for your day of activities around Singapore.

Airport Transfers, Welcome Pack & In-Person Orientation

As soon as you land at your destination, one of our team members will be at the airport to meet and greet you with our Next Step Connections Arrival board.

You will be transferred by private vehicle or local transportation to your assigned housing residence, where you will be met by another member of our team. We will help you to settle in, give you a tour of your housing, and introduce fellow participants and housemates.

Wellbeing Singapore orientation booklet

We will then go through our Wellbeing Singapore orientation booklet, explaining all aspects of your upcoming weeks in-country, including health and safety information. You will also be shown important locations near your housing, including restaurants, transportation systems, banks, and convenient stores.

Your next meeting with our team will be on your first day of work, as we will be picking you up at your housing residence and take you to your office location.

You are now ready to start your internship and take on the next step to a life-changing journey.

Wellbeing Singapore Insurance & 24/7 Emergency Support

24/7 Support

The NSC Wellbeing Singapore team is are available during office hours for any non-life threatening issues and 24/7 for any life-threatening issues. This includes crisis management plan in case of earthquake, civil unrest and other natural catastrophes.

  • NSC staff on call for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also provide each of our students with an emergency card that they can carry in their wallet; This contains both their home and office address as well as our office and team contact information. We constantly monitor health and safety and are able to offer substantial information coming from official bodies and governments’ advice to our participants.

Travel Health & Medical Insurance

Next Step Connections works with a leading insurance provider offering unlimited medical expenses for injury, acute illness, and accident coverage for all student participants. This insurance coverage is included for most of our programs.

  • Medical Evacuation €/US$ 100.000
  • Dental Treatment in Case of Accident €/US$ 1.500
  • Damage to Property €/US$ 150.000
  • Personal Liability €/US$ 500.000

We also provide a separate service if you would like to purchase your travel insurance without participating in one of our programs. Our basic plan starts at $4 a day. Contact us to get a quotation and purchase this travel insurance plan.

Singapore Immigration Visa

To participate in our internship programs in Singapore, you will need to apply for the Work Holiday Pass via email to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.

We will assist you during the process, however, your visa cost is not included in our program fee and shall be settled in your country of residence while applying. Fees vary from SG$ 150 with an additional SG$ 30 for applicants that may need multiple journey visas.