Why Do Schools Exist? (According to Experts)

When most people think about school, the first thing that comes to mind is academics.

But what are schools really for? What is its purpose, and what does it intend to achieve?

According to our founder and director Jérome Le Carrou, here are reasons why schools exist:

It makes good use of time and space to upgrade ourselves

The word “school” originates from the Greek “skholē,” which means “leisure, philosophy, lecture place.” It is essentially how we make good use of time and space to upgrade ourselves.

With this, I have always liked the idea of a holistic model of schooling where we:

  • experiment,
  • learn from each other about all aspects of life,
  • and grow.

On the one hand, we want our schools to teach the necessary skills to ensure students can be a part of our economy and society.

But, on the other hand, schools should also aim to equip our students with more beyond the basics, empowering and inspiring them to go beyond survival and maximize the chances of living their lives to their fullest potential.

Every human has its unique potential, and schools should play a part in unfolding this. 

To do this, I believe educational institutions need to always maintain a keen awareness of the changes in society and adapt curriculums, environments, and teaching styles accordingly so that students have the outer and inner resources to thrive beyond school grounds and college campuses.

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