Your Internship is your Next Step!

Your Internship is your Next Step
Do you want to gain more experience? Than try to improve your skills step by step!

Nowadays people all over the world aim to improve their knowledge and experience. A recent growing trend seen are young people doing an internship abroad. They want to gain new experiences, learn more about different types of business and above all, they want to develop both professional and personal skills. The most difficult thing is to find a suitable company, who can train and mentor you step by step, and improve your qualities and skills.

You are not sure how to find a reliable, educational and trustworthily internship company?  Get in touch with Next Step Connections!
Next Step Connections (NSC) is an educational organization focusing on creating learning experiences for university students and young professionals through international internships. They have internship programs in Hong Kong and Shanghai for students who have the option to intern for 2 to 6 months, and they have both international and Chinese students enrolled in their programs. NSC offers different types of internship possibilities, such as finance, marketing, PR, management and hospitality. Above all they are a reliable and trustworthy company which promises to best assist you to find a unique and suitable internship Asia!

What are the testimonials of previous interns?
Read on to see the positive reviews and recommendations of our alumni interns!
The feedback from our previous interns shows that they have gained valuable experiences and have learnt much more about themselves and what they can achieve. We have received a wide range of feedback, which demonstrates the life changing experience of an internship abroad!

Testimonials from some of our past interns:

  • “NSC found a perfect internship for me and now I will start working…??”
  • “NSC gave me a lot of attention”
  • “The value for their service is high and in other words, you get what you pay for!”
  • “NSC offer well organized and familiar weekend events for the interns!”
  • “Coming to a new country for a professional internship can be very daunting through NSC, I was able to enjoy my shanghai experience to the fullest”
  • “I will definitely recommend NSC!”

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