Start your career by going all in

Start your career by going all in.

If I had a penny for every time someone told me I couldn’t do something I’d be rich. Well, maybe not rich, I’d have a whole lot of pennies. But if I listened to those people I wouldn’t be as successful as I am.
In life everything worth striving for is impossible, it’s those who overcome the impossible who are the real successes. Everyone else accepts life as it comes to them. They give in to their environment rather than do something about it.

I start with this because I advise students and I’ve had many come to me and explain that they want a job in so and so industry but after looking for a while, they feel it’s impossible. The current job market looks pretty bleak, but this is not the first recession nor the last one we’ll be in.  Even in this terrible economy, some people are still getting jobs; how did they land them?  Relationships, money, better qualifications, outstanding resume, pure luck? Yes, it’s probably a combination of a few or all of those things.  They went all in, and you can do the same to jump start your career.

What you call luck, they call exposure. They sent their resume to hundreds, even thousands of recruiters, hr managers, friends, family, teachers, and any other people they could get their hands on. They gave themselves the opportunity to get lucky by being in front of as many eyes as they could be. What you call qualifications, they call standing out.  They understand that they are competing with thousands of other prospects, and for their resume to stand out, they really had to put in the time to make them outstanding.
Their resumes were better because they researched to find out what they needed to include to make them relevant and they adapted their resume to make sure they would shine.  They may not have had years of experience and qualifications but they took the time to express the abilities that they did have in a way that “rang a bell” with the hiring manager.
These successful job hunters didn’t fill their resumes with generic words like great at communications, adept computer skills, team player, abilities that the hr manager’s going to see in every other CV she reads. How many people do you think have the same skills? Who cares. Instead they included 3 to 4 major bullet points of skills with real examples showing how they successfully used them.  And they made sure that these abilities were relevant to the job they were applying for and not a cookie cutter version that the other 99% of the candidates were going to be using. Their resume exudes their hunger, their passion to become a change maker and future leader.

What you call relationships, they call persistence.  In order to start their career they knew they had to go to every person they knew and found a way to build relationships with people that could help them with their job hunt.
They used social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to stay up to date with companies that they wanted to work for and looked out for potential needs and opportunities. If they found out that a company bought another smaller company, they looked for job opportunities there that might turn into jobs in the new parent company (that they ultimately wanted to work for).

Getting a good job is difficult; the job you dream about, almost impossible. The world’s economy is going to shits, there are less jobs and more people who need them. You have to look at this as an opportunity, you need to come up with a service (that’s you) that the companies need and differentiate yourself from the rest of the masses.  You have to use technology to get yourself in front of prospective HR people.  It’s going to take blood, sweat and tears. It’s going to take creativity, time, and persistence. It’s up to you to start your career on the right path. Go all in or go home.

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