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Next Step Connections is proud being considered by as a reliable internship placement agency. is the largest source for Expert content on the Internet that helps users answer questions, solve problems, learn something new or find inspiration. In its “Internships Abroad series”, interviewed some NSC’s alumni to share about their internship experience in China.

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Interview with Logan: Next Step Connections intern

Logan is from Seattle, Washington and is currently a sophomore at The Colorado College. Logan is interested in Computer Science, Military History, Artificial Intelligence, and Bio-mechanical Engineering.

Would you recommend Next Step Connections to a friend?

Absolutely, in fact I think they’d have a better time than I did. I’m not a fan of networking or mixers, and Next Step Connections would often (once or twice every couple weeks) be organizing events like these so I wouldn’t attend. My friends are much more social than I am and so would probably get even more out of it than I did.

What do you feel is the best thing about doing an internship abroad?

Doing an internship abroad was a great confidence booster. If I can hold down a job in a country where I don’t speak the language and get by just fine, I don’t need to worry so much about finding a job when I get out of college. Also, it helped prepare for what is increasingly an international job environment, it’s a good skill set to have, being able to adjust to new cultures.

Jonathan: Interview with Next Step Connections intern

Jonathan is from Australia and studied at Griffith University in Queensland. Jonathan has recently completed a dual degree in International Business/Arts in Asian and International Studies. He majored in Chinese and Business in Asia.

Were you able to choose the type of internship you wanted at Next Step Connections?

After being placed in my first internship and deciding that it wasn’t for me, I asked Next Step if I could change to an internship and they were only too happy to help. They managed my changeover in a quick and efficient manner. I cannot emphasise how impressed I was with their handling of the situation.

What do you feel the experience at Next Step Connections provided you with?

I feel it provided me with an excellent platform. I’ll put it this way, I will be starting next year with one of the world’s top professional services firms and I doubt I would have got the job without the experience I gained whilst interning in China.

Do you feel your experience helped prepare you for your future career?

It did, overall it was a hugely important experience for my career. The standard of internship provided by Next Step was excellent and certainly their assistance both within and outside of work (in terms of helping me to settle in Shanghai) was second to none.

Would you recommend Next Step Connections to a friend?


Do you feel doing an internship abroad is a valuable experience to your career?

The experience you gain, even if the work is perhaps not as relevant to what you want to do with your career, is invaluable. The way that employers are recruiting people today means that you need as much experience and examples of how you work as you can possibly get. It is even more impressive when you have done an internship abroad. This not only shows that you have worked on your technical skills but also shows a confidence, independence, eagerness and a willingness to put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Not only that but you get the added bonus of going to a new place with new people and cultures. As long as you get yourself sorted with the right company, such as Next Step, then I feel that an international internship is an invaluable experience for anybody.

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